Quartzy site security

Data Protection

We take security very seriously.

  • The entire site is "https" which means that all traffic between your computer and our web traffic is encrypted. For https, we use 256-bit SSL over TLS protocols with modern cipher suites.  You can view our SSL scorecard publicly using Qualys SSL Labs at this link.
  • Passwords are encrypted on our servers using bcrypt.
  • Our servers are protected by round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance.
  • Our software infrastructure is regularly updated with the latest security patches.
  • Through Google authentication, we offer two-factor authentication.
  • All traffic between servers is encrypted as well using TLS.
  • For physical security, our data centers are all SSAE-16 and/or ISO 27001 compliant
  • All quartzy.com servers are in a private network with a dedicated firewall.

How about back-ups?

You can be sure that your data are safe with Quartzy.

  • We store all data in multiple secure locations.
  • We take multiple daily backups of all critical data (including the database).
  • We ship all backed up data to an additional cold-storage on a regular basis for long-term storage.
  • We test our backups in duplicate environments on a regular basis to ensure their correctness, and to test disaster recovery scenarios. Database backups are audited daily.

Can I keep a record of my own data?

Yes! If you'd like a copy of your data, you can download your inventory and order history at any point on Quartzy. You can also have your inventory & monthly order history automatically generated and sent to your email at regular intervals! 


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