Move inventory items from one Lab to another

Maybe you accidentally added items to the wrong Lab or you're moving to a new lab and want to transfer the inventory information with you. It's easy for you to move items from one Quartzy Lab to another!  

1. Export the inventory you want to transfer from the old Lab.

2. Delete all of the data from the 'Serial Number' columns on each worksheet and save the file.

Important: Delete the Owner column if you want to be the owner for each item. If not, make sure the Owner is a member of your new Lab or the upload will not work.

3. Click on the Import button on the left sidebar of the Inventory for the new Lab and follow the instructions to upload the file.

If you want all items added to the new Lab in exactly the same way as the old Lab, upload that entire spreadsheet. Otherwise, edit any information, add or change any Types or Custom Fields, and then upload the file. 


Next Up: Learn how to edit inventory item details via Excel


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    Center for Chromosome Stability

    Is the easier method up and running soon?

  • Avatar
    Monica Velarde

    Right now, the method described in this article is the easiest one for moving items from one group to another. We'll be sure to update this page if this functionality changes. :)

  • Avatar
    Chris Chow

    Yea, seems like we need a way to put in something like a "request for transfer" similar to a purchase request, except that items come from another lab location.
    So, more specifically, is there a workflow for transfering items to different Locations?

  • Avatar
    Sophia Wilhelmi

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the feedback! If you'd like to move an Inventory item from one Location to another within a Lab, you can do so by editing the details of that Inventory item. :) Here's more on this:

    If you have any additional questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us directly at :)