Accessing the Spend Dashboard

Quartzy's Spend Dashboard provides labs with a single view to see spend across all of your labs, keep track of how much projects or researchers are spending, and monitor how your spend trends over time.

Lab Admins and Members both have access to this dashboard as well as the ability to export all request data to a CSV file where any additional reporting and analysis can be completed. 


1. Select the organization from the drop-down selector in the top left corner of the page to view spend across all of the labs you are associated with. Select the Lab from the dropdown to view spend by just that lab.


2. Click the Spend Dashboard button on the left sidebar.


3. You can select to filter for a date range and view spend by the following categories:

  • Type
  • Lab (If you are member of multiple labs, select the organization in the top left corner to see multiple labs in one view)
  • Month
  • Requester
  • Supplier
  • Budget


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