How to pay your Academic & Non-Profit Subscription Invoice

Organizations who activated their Academic & Non-Profit subscriptions using the "Pay With PO" payment method are required to have their invoices paid upon receipt. However, since this is a new process for academic and non-profit labs, we've outlined some troubleshooting steps your lab may need to go through to ensure that payment is processed properly.

Review the information below to help you determine if your invoice is past due and how to go about submitting payment.


How to check if your subscription invoice has been paid

1. On the top left side of the toolbar, click on the Org Name or the Lab Name to open the list and then click the gear icon next to the Org Name.


2. From the Manage Organization page, select the organization on the left sidebar and then select the Billing tab.


3. Under the Invoice history section, review the status of your invoice.


4. If the invoice status is PAID, no further action is needed.


5. If the invoice status is OPEN, then action must be taken to pay the invoice. Click the download arrow icon to obtain a copy of the invoice. Instructions for how to remit payment can be found directly on the invoice. 



How to check who received the invoice

1. Complete steps 1 & 2 listed above.

2. Under the Email for invoices section, check for an email address in the space below. 


3. If the correct email is listed in that field and the invoice is open, you may send a message to that contact via email to check on the status of payment. 


4. If the wrong email is listed in that field and the invoice is open, complete steps 3-5 listed in the section above to send the invoice to the correct person or department for payment. 


5. If there is no email address listed and the invoice is still open, complete steps 3-5 listed in the section above and then enter the correct email address into that field to ensure that future subscription invoices are sent to the right place. 


If the invoice cannot be paid because the PO# is missing

1. Complete steps 1-5 listed in the first section above.

2. Check for a PO Number on the invoice. 


3. Send an email to and attach your invoice. Include in the email the PO# that should be associated with the subscription invoice.

The PO# will most likely be obtained from your Purchasing Department or whomever is responsible for generating the PO to associate with paying this invoice.


4. Our Support Team will amend your invoice with the PO# so it can be forwarded back to the person responsible for payment so they may follow the remittance instructions.


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