Generating a quote/order form for Subscription package

If your lab needs to generate a quote or order form that shows all of the details related to your lab's subscription (seat count, cost, term length) before activating the subscription, follow the instructions below for how to generate a PDF through the "Pay With PO" process. 


1. On the top left side of the toolbar, click on the Org Name or the Lab Name to open the list and then click the gear icon next to the Org Name.


2. From the Manage Organization page, select the organization on the left sidebar, then select the Billing tab, and click Manage Plan


3. Click Pay with PO to move to the next step.


4. Enter your billing details into the required fields. Adding the PO Number is not required but it will help with billing. When you're finished click Next


5. Click Download Order Form at this time to get a PDF with your subscription details to share with the relevant team or department who has requested a copy of this information prior to officially subscribing. The PDF details the number of seats, cost, and term length of the subscription.


Note: Your subscription is NOT yet updated at this point. You may close the page after downloading the order form.

6. When ready to subscribe, repeat steps 1-4 above and then to complete the checkout process click the checkbox next to I agree to Quartzy's Order Terms and then click Subscribe.


7. After the subscription is updated, you'll get a success notification and your subscription is ready to go!



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