How to configure Quartzy Punchouts

Note: Quartzy Punchouts is included in Professional, Enterprise, and Non-Profit subscription plans only. 

With Quartzy Punchouts, Lab Managers can save a significant amount of time and money otherwise spent in copying and pasting the information on order items, purchase orders, and invoices across Quartzy and a procurement system.  

Read below to learn how to configure Quartzy Punchouts for your lab! 

In Quartzy

1. You will need to have the role of Lab Admin in your Quartzy lab. 


2. In your lab's Lab Settings page, update the following settings: 

  • What is this lab's preferred payment method?
    • Other 
  • Enable Punchouts through a procurement system for this lab? 
    • Yes, allow Punchouts for this lab 


  • Optional: Enable cXML Invoices for this lab?
    • Receive cXML Invoices for each shipment - may generate more invoices 


In your procurement system

In certain procurement systems, you might be asked to configure the settings listed below: 

1. Vendor logo for Quartzy

  • Use the following image to set up the vendor logo for Quartzy in your procurement system. You can also download it using this link.


2. UNSPSC codes

  • Use code 41120000. This is the code for the family of Laboratory Supplies according to this resource.

3. Unit of Measure mapping 

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