Process multiple requests

It's easy to process multiple requests simultaneously on Quartzy! The requests you want to update must all be in the same status. You can select the status of the requests you want to view on the status navigation bar. 

1. From the Requests module, check the boxes next to the items you want to update. 


2. Click on Update Status button, and choose a status from the drop-down list.


When marking items as Ordered, Admins can easily add a Confirmation number, PO number, and additional S&H and Tax fees to all of the selected requests simultaneously: 


A few considerations when updating the status of multiple requests:

  • Only Admins can mark request as Ordered (or Approved)
  • Requests must currently be in the same status to be updated in bulk
  • New items can only be marked as Ordered (or Approved)
  • Ordered items can only be marked as Received or Backordered


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