Admin vs. Group Member permissions in the Inventory

In the Inventory module, Admins will have complete access to add/edit/delete the items that belong to their Group. Non-Admins will have access to edit items if granted permission by an Admin. 

  Admins Group Members
Add Items Y Y
Edit Items you own Y Y
Edit All Items Y ONLY if everyone can edit

Admins have complete access to add/edit/delete Types, Locations, and Vendor Names for items that belong in their group. Non-Admins will be able to add or edit the information but will only be able to delete types, locations, or vendor names if given permission by an Admin. 

  Admins Group Members
Add Types, Locations, and Vendors  Y
Edit Types, Locations, and Vendors Y ONLY if everyone can edit
Delete Types, Locations, and Vendors  Y

Group Admins can grant permission for group members to edit the Inventory from the Group Settings. 


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