Add an approval step to the Requests workflow

Since every lab is a little different, there are two options for the number of steps in the Requests workflow:

  • No approval step (requester --> purchaser): The person who is approving a request is also the person who is in-charge of purchasing. For example, the scientist makes the request and the lab manager orders the item without seeking approval. In this case, a request goes from New to Ordered.


  • With approval step (requester --> approver --> purchaser): An additional person (like the PI) must approve orders before they are placed. For example, the scientist makes a request which must be approved by the PI before it can be ordered by the lab manager. In this case, a request goes from New to Approved to Ordered.


Select the workflow that works best for your lab!

1. On the top left side of the toolbar, click on All Labs (or the Lab name) and then click Manage.


2. Select the Lab on the left sidebar and choose the Lab Settings tab.


3. Scroll to the workflow options and select the option that best fits your lab. Click Save Changes



Next Up: Learn how to set up email notifications if you have one approver and another purchaser


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    Jason Papke

    The next up link is not functioning

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    Hi Jason. Thanks for letting us know! The link has been corrected in the page above. :)