Quartzy Concierge - Supplier Logins

Note: Quartzy Concierge is currently only available as an add-on feature for the Starter, Pro or Enterprise subscription plans.  If you're interested in this feature, complete this form and a team member will reach out to you shortly.

For web orders, Q-bot will use your Supplier Login details* to place orders on your behalf.  You will need to be an Org Admin to complete the following steps and have an active subscription including Quartzy Concierge.

1. Navigate to your Organization Settings


2. Click on "Supplier Logins"


3. Click on "Add Supplier", search for the supplier name, enter your username and password, and save.


4. To edit an entry, find the supplier in the list, select it, and edit the username or password.



*Data Privacy & Security

Quartzy is committed to protecting your privacy and security. We are certified SOC1 and SOC2 compliant. QUARTZY DOES NOT SELL OR RENT YOUR COMPANY'S DATA TO ANY 3RD PARTIES WHATSOEVER.

Refer to our privacy & security documents for more information:

For Quartzy Concierge, specifically, we have the following additional protections in place:

  • Login credentials for your vendors are stored encrypted.
  • Forwarded emails are stored in a private inbox.

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