Use the mobile app receive requests

Labs can use Quartzy's mobile app to quickly receive requests and take pictures of packing slips directly from the receiving dock.


Receive requests using the mobile app

1. After logging in and selecting the correct Lab from the upper right hand corner, click the Receive Items button. 


2. Find the item: either by scanning the barcode, or by looking in the list. You can use the search feature to narrow the list of items as well. 


3.  If you're taking a picture of a packing slip, click the Packing Slip button. You can take a new picture or upload an existing file from your device.


4.  Select the quantity being received. Receiving anything less than the full request quantity will automatically create a partial receipt. 



5. Select your inventory interaction.

  • If not adding the item to inventory, select Do not add to inventory.
  • If adding a new item to inventory, select the amount in stock (quantity) and units.
  • If updating an existing item, select the amount in stock (quantity).
    • Note: the units field will be disabled when receiving an existing inventory item via the mobile app, but it can be edited in the Quartzy web application. 



6. If adding the item being received to inventory, add or confirm the location and sublocation details. 


7. If you're receiving more items, click Save & Next. If you're finished receiving items, click Save. 


Next up: Use the mobile app barcode scanner to update inventory items

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